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Can We Prevent Dealership Employees From Ever Making Bad Decisions?

The automotive industry is lagging behind other industries' use of advanced data analytics — to provide insights and support to employees' decision-making.

Far too often, dealers have to operate with uncertain, incomplete, and inconsistent information. Mistakes inevitably happen; most frequently with either mispricing vehicles or acquiring the wrong units (wrong trim, color or options).

Dealerships have an urgent need for trusted and actionable real-world insights that can help them drive more profit from their operations. They should be empowered to leverage tools for faster, better and more accurate decision making.

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) should provide decision-support tools to help dealership employees make better decisions, while protecting them from making bad decisions ever again.

A future where no mistakes happen. Ever.

Imagine a future where dealership employees never make mistakes.

A future where dealers improve their efficiency and effectiveness and enable employees to seize opportunities such as identifying blindspots while processing increased levels of relevant information.

VinFactor allows dealers to leverage real-time local market data to validate their own "gut feel" during split-second critical operational decisions.

Beyond just providing insights and predictions, VINFactor helps dealership employees improve decision-making competency and effectiveness.

VINFactor is Free for a Limited Time

For a limited time, we’re providing dealers with VINFactor for free.

Why free? We need to get the product out into the market and get critical feedback from dealers to help us prioritize our product roadmap and more specifically decide which features we need to build to provide them with the most value.

Our mission is to help dealers make critical decisions – not just enable them to review data or predict trends. VINFactor thus becomes part of a dealer’s decision-making process.

Not taking action now is neglecting your dealership, and risking lost profits

VINFactor enhances your employees’ decision-making IQ by providing access to the right data at the right time — so they make the best possible decision at the moment it matters most.

Help your employees stop making inventory and pricing mistakes. Never stock cars that aren’t going to turn quickly. Never overpay based on a vehicle’s trim, color and options.

Don’t delay — act now while VINFactor is free to leverage our decision-making intelligence to your dealership’s best advantage.

About VINFactor

VINFactor is a free insurance policy for each of your employees.

We harness local market intelligence to help you make better pricing and inventory decisions.

We will only be providing VINFactor for free to a limited number of dealers, so act now by visiting

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