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The quickest way to a promotion at your dealership. Just don’t tell the boss

VINFactor has been out on the market for almost two months, and we’ve been adding about 10 new dealers per day.

We’re adding features as quickly as we can to keep up with the great product suggestions from our users. So keep them coming!

As a result of having almost 500 dealers on the product, we are getting a lot of feedback and having a lot of great insightful conversations.

I wanted to share with you one of the most interesting (and frankly funny) uses of the tool.

VINFactor Secrets to Success

We’re finding some dealers are using VINFactor for a very interesting case: A couple of users have expressed that VINFactor is their “secret weapon” or "competitive advantage" and that they’re going to try to keep it quiet as long as possible.

These employees are using the tool tool to help with their used car acquisition and pricing decisions, but not letting anyone else at the dealership know about it.

One guy even said that at this rate he’s likely to get a promotion to Used Car Manager in no time.

While I would love nothing more than all of our dealers to be sharing the fact that they’re using VINFactor — to spread the word as fast as possible — I can’t really knock these guys from keeping quiet. Why share best practices if those best practices can get your own performance noticed and maybe even get you a promotion and raise in the process?

What is this VINFactor Thing?

VINFactor is a free, always-on tool that works in the background to help with dealership employee decision-making. The tool works in your browser, and is compatible with all of a dealer’s software — and across all third-party sites.

The Roadmap to Success

Fast track your next promotion.

Be the star at the dealership.

Make better decisions, and don’t share this fact with others.

Take all the credit and don’t let them know about VINFactor helping you make smarter decisions.

Get VINFactor for free now!

About VINFactor

VINFactor is a free tool that helps dealership employees make better decisions.

VINFactor is revolutionizing the way that dealers think about vehicle acquisition and pricing. Distilling data from over 22K dealerships, 5M live pieces of vehicle inventory per day and 45M vehicles sold per year, VINFactor offers 24/7 protection against a dealer ever making an inventory or pricing mistake again.

VINFactor is free for car dealership employees. Download VIN-Factor free today at

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